What began as just a small seed of an idea in Grand Junction, Colorado has grown into a full scale design and manufacturing company that produces state of the art surface ice rescue equipment on an international scale. At Ice Rescue Systems, we strive to go beyond producing quality ice rescue equipment by embodying the values and spirit of brave rescuers from the past, present and future. Since the beginning, our advanced ice rescue equipment packages have set new industry standards for design, performance and excellence. We knew that our success depended in large part on the commitment and talent of our team. Dedicated trainers and expert rescue professionals from around the world who are passionate about creating innovative ice rescue equipment. Our team knows first hand the challenges associated with operating ice rescue equipment in high stress situations. When it comes down to it, we are visionaries. It’s just who we are! We examine the status quo of ice rescue gear with a critical eye and aim at making improvements. Which lead us to the invention of the RTS Rapid Transport Sled attached with the Tactical Reach Pole and Pro Recon Sling. Perhaps the best ice rescue equipment package on the market. Ice Rescue Systems would like the thank the many experienced rescue professionals worldwide, whose immeasurable energy and dedication motivates us to improve our ice rescue equipment and ice rescue gear packages.

We believe in protecting public safety personnel whose life calling is saving lives.

Featured Life Saving Equipment


We share the same experiences that you do on the ice. This experience pushes us to make the best rescue equipment.


We're a company of visionaries. We are the greatest theorist about what could be, and the toughest of critics about what exists


We are constantly evaluating Ice Rescue products and figuring out ways to make them even better.


Easier than ever to get the best rescue equipment possible for our global family of rescue personnel.


“Our department utilizes Ice Rescue Systems equipment. They have been awesome to work with and value us and our opinion as a customer”

Bevear Fire Department

“The training we received is top notch. We would highly recommend using their train the trainer programs”

Commander Tom Rich, Washington County SAR

“Thank you for providing our department with state of art rescue equipment. You completely understand our environment and offered us great equipment with our limited budget. All of our personnel believes, with confidence that can effectively rescue someone that has fallen through the ice while ensuring our safety”

Aguilla Fire Rescue

“Great Equipment! Your organization is knowledgeable and without arrogance. Thanks for taking the time with our limited budget.”

Cindy S. Grand Falls, ID


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