Our training affiliates train fire departments across the nation for ice rescue response. Through this training we observe a lot of different equipment used in rescue scenarios and we noted a deficiency in the standard pick style ice awl that is used by most rescue professionals. When the pick was used the ice splintered and fractured, thereby allowing only a small percentage of the tip of the pick to penetrate the ice. Ultimately, the pick would not have enough grip to hold it firmly in the ice and the pick would slip when any kind of pressure was applied. Once we understood the shortfall of the standard ice pick we decided to find a solution for the problem, so we assembled our engineering staff and went to work.

How could we build a better, more effective tool?

We needed better holding power on the ice, which ultimately could lead to a more efficient self-rescue. Through countless hours of videos, research and development, testing and trying many models, we established our patented Get a Grip® Ice Screw. Our engineers have provided quantitative measurements and comparison of the standard ice pick and our Get a Grip® Ice Screw. It was determined the Get a Grip® Ice Screw has 85% more surface area,  incredibly, this equates to 85% more grip to the surface of the ice.

After the engineers came back with the data we requested, we immediately started the testing phase. We needed proof that the computer model was accurate. Through testing, we realized overwhelming success with conclusive results!

When the Get a Grip® Ice Awls were tested on the ice, the ice surface no longer splintered out, but the awl actually held firmly to the ice surface, thereby allowing the tester to pull themselves across the ice efficiently. We were excited to see the benefit this discovery would be to the rescue professional as well as the outdoor enthusiast.

The Get a Grip® Ice Awl has many additional features, one of which is positive buoyancy. The awls can be dropped in water, recovered and utilized, these awls won’t sink on you. Get a Grip® Ice awls have no moving parts, as is common knowledge, the more moving parts, the better chance of breaking or wearing out more quickly. The Get a Grip® Ice Awls come standard with a 72 inch, bright red cord. The actual grips are easily managed with a foam neoprene handle, they are easier to grip which allows for precisely the right amount of force to be applied to the ice. The Get a Grip® Ice Awls come with Ice Rescue Systems Life Rescue Warranty. This means should you damage the Get a Grip® Ice Awls in a “real-life” self-rescue, simply return the damaged Get a Grip® Ice Awls and we will gladly replace them at no charge!

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