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Ice Rescue Systems offers tether line reels for tether line management. Our reels are constructed of unbreakable synthetic rubber and heavy duty steel construction, high quality fittings, spool brake and completely customizable. Our spools can accommodate up to 600 feet of line. With the use of our reels you can manage your lines more efficiently, with flawless in haul and out haul operation. We color code all our tether lines to correspond with the colors on our R.T.S.- Rapid Transport Sled attachment points. For more information, download the Tether Reels Product Sheet.


  • Small reel accommodates up to 300 ft of 7/16" line - Yellow
  • Medium reel accomodates up to 500 ft of 7/16" line - White
  • Large reel accommodates up to 1000 ft of 7/16" line - Black
  • Unbreakable rubber for cold weather operations
  • Light weight
  • Stable platform base
  • Anchored down with ice screw


  • Line management efficiency
  • Used in Vertical and Horizontal Configurations
  • In haul and out haul operations
  • Rapid response for more advanced operations
  • Maintain organized rescue operations


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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in

Small Yellow, Medium White, Large Black

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